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Pause3™ Bone & Shamanic Reiki Healing

My Philosophy:

I believe in embodied healing and healing in 3's...I recommend 3 sessions during the course of a month. 

How I work:

I combine my Ugandan ancestral medicine of Bone Healing, sacred knowledge, Reiki Shamanism, studies of Eastern philosophy, and groundbreaking practice in Narrative Medicine, (M.S. degree in Narrative Medicine, Columbia University), modern Western science, extensive knowledge of breath work, meditation, developing the Pause3™ method, a new ethnology, a one-of-a-kind integrative approach addressing the narrative health of individuals moving towards a new authentic, mindful and empowering mindset. Combining modalities results in changing deep-seeded belief systems in the DNA to unlock the blocks that keep us from living authentically, which in turn reveals our true nature. The work-flows from the knowledge that every action, reaction, thought and feeling - will be returned in on way or another. In this way, the expansive collection of experiences and memories become connected and create who we are.  I work with physicians, activists, teachers, and wellness practitioners, caregivers, artists, CEO's, corporations, healers and those looking to achieve total wellness on an accelerated timeline. I'm the push you need in creating a sacred space within and the tools to thrive and live a life fueled by passion and full of love and bliss!

I conduct our time together in my Zoom Room via video conferencing.  If you live in the New York area or visiting, in person sessions are also available upon request. I do have options to meet in a healing room in Manhattan, which costs extra. 

What is Narrative Medicine?

Narrative Medicine is a multi-discipline approach to better recognizing the impact of illness that it has on a patient and provider of health. It gives power to one's personal story of health, illness, and death, where the relationship between storytelling and health become embedded in caring practices. I call this embodying your Narrative Health.

I work with you on creating personal mantras through narrative, using the 'What Happened' method of storytelling - telling your own personal story of health, illness, and personal discovery and rewriting them to heal! As well, we work on visualization and meditation practices.

I fortify my work through intention setting and pure love.

Commitment to your healing

Your Investment:

1. @ 60 minutes Reiki & Bone Healing Session, Breathe Work with Chakra Clearing - $300.00 

2. @ 90 minutes Reiki & Bone Healing Session, Breathe Work with Chakra Clearing & Balancing - $375.00

3. Package of (3) @60 minutes Reiki & Bone Healing Session, Breathe Work with Chakra Clearing & Balancing - $720.00

4. Bone Healing & Spiritual Surgery - $450 (please allow for at least two hours)

5. @60 min Akashic Record Reading +Aura Clearing -$350

The Akashic Records contain your unique, and deepest expressions of your soul. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. I create sacred space for you to seek support, ask questions, and let go of what no longer serves you. It offers the opportunity to see through the veil, to release and develop personal trust towards connection to the infinite boundlessness of the divine.

When our aura is well-cleansed and maintained, our spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being is on top of its game. Since our aura acts as a kind of filter on our life experience, we want to ensure we do all we can to ensure that filter is a positive one. When the auric field, the area in which our aura resides, is healthy, cleansed and strong, you feel energized by the world, aligned spiritually, and positive in your general outlook. In this work, you leave with techniques to strengthen, or begin a daily practice of self-care and expansion. If you are looking for a deeper awareness of wholeness of Self and the Soul, and Alignment with Source; this is where we begin. 

Cancellation Policy: Investments are non-refundable. If you would like to reschedule please do so at least 24 hours before our scheduled time together. No-shows will need to reschedule for another session.

Once scheduled, to confirm our time together, please send your investment via Venmo @Snb19, or TransferWise.

Whilst I reflect the time spent, sessions have potential to run 5/10 minutes longer. Please share with me if you need to stay on schedule.

Pause3™ Conscious Empowerment & Mindset Education, Bone & Shamanic Reiki Healing + Spiritual Surgery -$750.00 

Understand the root causes of where your trauma lives.

This is a 2.5hour session where we focus on the shadow within, the emotional layers that prevent us from letting go, from radically listening to our intuition and from opening our hearts to receive. This is an opportunity to bring into focus a new mindset - a new program into our bodies and into our DNA. I facilitate a one-on-one Narrative Medicine and Health session with you, a 60 min. Bone & Reiki Healing & Spiritual Surgery-Pranayama - controlling the breath and guided meditation, is always apart of the experience. I call this, breathing for life.

Pause3™ INWORD Meditation Classes

Cultivate a daily meditation practice with intention. Sessions include working with your breathe, daily affirmation and mantra. I will guide you in creating your personal affirmations, that you will use to root further into a daily practice of self-care, through a mindful meditation practice.

1. @ 60 minutes with Breathe Work - $300.00  

2. Package of (3) @ 60 minutes with Breathe Work - $720.00

3. Couples Package @60 minutes with Breathe Work-$425

4. Couples Package of (3) @60 minutes with Breathe Work -$1,020

Whilst I reflect the time spent, sessions have potential to run 5/10 minutes longer. Please share with me if you need to stay on schedule.

Pause3™ Mindset & Inspire Mentoring Program  

 This is an intimate and curated mentoring and education program, intersecting Narrative Health principals, and Energy Medicine to clear blocks and barriers. DNA Activation to increase your innate abilities, Epigenetic Clearing to uproot trauma, the old habits, and patterns. To at the root, use your personal narratives of health, family, love, support, spirituality to connect deeply to one’s self because they impact our health and the health of our families, and our communities. 

Interesting the clinical and scholarly research of Narrative Medicine, we embark on a journey together in understanding our physical and spiritual bodies in a deeper way.

Our time together, we will focus on the shadow within; the emotional layers that prevent us from letting go, from radically listening to our intuition and from opening our hearts to receive. This is an opportunity to forever change belief patterns as we bring into focus a new mindset - a new program into our bodies and into our DNA. This is the place we begin, to architect our mosaic. Through personal study under my customized guidance you are led through Universal Law Principals to learn, understand, align and apply in your daily life.  In this program you will receive your Spiritual Surgery & Akashic Record Reading and bi-weekly narrative health prompt writing exercises that help guide us through the work. You learn how to create sacred space from within, an openness and expansive space where knowledge, authenticity, discipline and education merge. This is an opportunity to learn the tools to align further into your Soul Purpose and live out goals. To thrive as an individual towards accomplishing freedom from the trauma, have time for yourself and your family, versus exchanging your time for stress, burn-out, depletion, exhaustion and most of all confusion – what I call the “mucky-muck”. 



Intent: A One -Hour Consultation Session

Inspire: A 5-week Mentoring Program

Immerse: A Three -Month Mentoring Program



Due to the personal one-on-one nature of this mentoring program, there is no enrollment process. We both work together to determine a start time. This is not a cookie cutter program, it is a curated, in-depth collaboration for those wanting to invest in their life and purpose and learn how to live authentically, abundantly, in purpose, while doing big, transformative work.  

Your Toolbox

· Focus without distraction (what matters now)

· Develop trustworthy relationships with ourselves to trust our intuition

· Re-calibrate, Awaken & Activate your aura field to self-heal

· Learn the art of allowing the uncomfortable spaces live, sit with it, and let go

· Cultivate gratitude

· Let go of fear & anxiety

· Forgiveness

. Dissolve fear, sadness and stagnation

. Unlock the intelligence of your central channel - the heart, and the innate wisdom that can be found here

. Balance your glandular systems to support your immunity

· Breathing for Life, abundance & prosperity - your birthright

· Learn to energetically ground oneself for peace of mind and vitality

. Understand and Apply Universal Laws in your own life (because you create your life while you live it)

· Learn to stand firm in your authentic self, and create healthy boundaries

  • Stress & Burnout

  • Scarcity Mentality 

  • Study of the relationship of mind and matter, substance and attribute and potentiality and actuality

In our first session together, other specific mindset and empowerment studies are customized to your own personal needs. 


What’s Included 

Intent: A One -Hour Consultation Session + An Auric Field Activation (1 Session)

 Inspire: A 5-Week Mentoring Program (5 sessions)

Immerse: A Three -Month Mentoring Program (11 sessions)


All sessions are 60mins, held in my Zoom Room via videoconference. You also have full email and WhatsApp access to me throughout our time together.

If you happen to live or be visiting NYC, in person sessions are also available upon request.  

*I ask that before we begin the time together, you write a letter to your child self. It can be written as creatively as you choose. Also, this letter should include your intention for the adult self.



Intent: 1 hour $300 USD 

Inspire: 5-Week $1,550.00 USD

Immerse: 3 Months $3,500


**Investment plans offered