The Art of Letting Go

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The Art of Letting Go


Bikram Yoga| 182 5th Ave

Saturday, Sept 16th 5-8pm

In collaboration with Bee Bosnak & Yarrow Bucans

Join us for a powerful evening of transformation where we will take you on a journey towards letting go in the most artful of ways. 

We have come together to create a powerful and transformational workshop, giving you greater access to the power of The Art of Letting Go.

During this workshop, you will let go and let love and Pause3™ with Ssanyu Birigwa, Alchemize Your Pain Into Light™ with Yarrow Bucans and Heal Yourself™ with Bee Bosnak. Together we have created a workshop filled with healing arts that will allow you to crack open your heart, shed the layers of pain and fear, and leave with the tools to learn how to be receptive and open to our highest healing good.

Workshop includes:

Intention setting and expressing gratitude

Heart opening Vinyasa flow with deep backbends

Reiki Healing

Guided Meditation

Chanting to open your heart and communication channels

Guided journal writing and reflection

Manifestation Meditations

Breathing Techniques

We paint on layers of pain and fear until we are so guarded and confused that we block ourselves from joy, radiance, abundance, and peace. This workshop will allow you to unravel, let go, and connect to your own heart and to others so that you are able to open up and allow yourself to express your truth from an authentic place of vulnerability that stems from strength and love. Through that release we are able to alchemize our pain, pause to reflect, and, ultimately, to heal ourselves.



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