Pause3™ Bone Healing & Reiki + Self Empowerment Private Session

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Pause3™ Bone Healing & Reiki + Self Empowerment Private Session

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As a Bone Healer and practitioner of Narrative Medicine, my purpose is to empower and assist in reconnecting intuition with the inner spirit and to help individuals discover themselves through themselves - their personal narratives, to guide individuals to a higher purpose Self. 

I combine my M.S. degree in Narrative Medicine (Columbia University), extensive knowledge of breath work, crystal healing, mindfulness meditation, holistic health, and Pause3™ methods into a one-of-a-kind integrative approach. I work with physicians, activists, teachers, wellness practitioners and those looking to achieve total wellness on an accelerated timeline. I'm the push you need in creating a sacred space within to thrive and live a life fueled by passion and full of love and bliss! 

I come to my clients. I believe healing starts where you spend most of your time - which is usually your home and place of work. I do have options to meet in a healing room, which costs extra.

Upon booking a bone healing/reiki session please email to coordinate your customized experience. You will be able to discuss package, location and time options directly to ensure you have the most curated experience for your needs. 

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***Whilst I reflect the time spent, please note that most sessions run 5/10 minutes over unless individual communicates they are on a strict time schedule