Join Ssanyu, M.S. in Narrative Medicine & creator of Pause3™ and Sapna, owner and curator of Soulful Safari, on a transformative healing journey in the wildlands and beaches of Kenya. We will depart from Nairobi for El Karama Eco Lodge where your Kenyan luxury experience begins. 

This retreat will include beautiful ceremonies to release negativity and old behavior patterns through sacred and deeply moving healing rituals.  Both from East Africa, Ssanyu and Sapna have been connected to the wild lands, the Indian Ocean and their healing powers most of their lives and they  have even created several meditations and rituals for you to experience the  magnitude of transformation that these inspirational spaces bring; you might even connect with your spirit animal. 

Your guides will retrieve lost aspects of  YOU that are "lost" due to past traumas. We will celebrate the depth of who you truly are and tap into the wisdom of your spirit.

Throughout the 7 days, you will be guided on a path that will ensure the most evolution in a very small amount of time. Each day will follow a new intention to support your evolution that enables you to pause, reflect in order to reconnect, and embrace your higher self. First you will check in & get present, the following day you will face & embrace your shadow. The third day you will reconnect to your core essence and the next will be spent honoring your truth. The fifth and sixth days will make sure you are getting crystal clear what you truly desire and support you in stepping into your power. The seventh and last day will be spent celebrating yourself and the journey you have been bold enough to embark upon. 

There are plenty of opportunities to soak in the culture or just get some serious R& R amidst the tranquil landscapes of both the wildlands and  beaches of Kenya. 

If you are ready to move into the next phase of living with spiritual meaning, joy, belonging, and a palpable sense of being alive in every moment then we invite you to join this heart-opening and soul- aligning retreat. 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”
— Marianne Williamson

El Karama Eco Lodge, an award-winning, intimate eco-tourism lodge specializing in family safaris and sustainable travel.

A glimpse at your Curated experience 

6:30 -9:00AM:           game drive & Meditation  

9:00- 10:00AM:         Breakfast  

10:00- 12:30PM:       pause wake up to your power  

12:30 - 1:30PM:        Lunch 

2:00- 4:00PM:           Relax/ Massage/ RefLECTION Writing 

4:00- 4:30PM:           Tea & Coffee

4:30- 6:30PM:           Sunset Game Drive & Ritual 

7:00 - 9:00PM:          Dinner & Community time

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SSANYU                                   SAPNA

 Giraffes grazing in the fields, at sunset on the fields the safari. 

Giraffes grazing in the fields, at sunset on the fields the safari. 

Accommodations & PRICING

All rooms are double occupancy. If you would like to stay with your partner or friend, please let us know and we will arrange and confirm your request. All food is homemade with 90% home-grown in an organic farm and all meat is locally sourced. All meals are hearty and filled with herbs and fresh veggies. You can expect a full cooked breakfast, buffet lunches, afternoon coffee & tea and a 3 course meal every evening. 

After the first 3 nights in the bush, we travel down to one of Kenya's most spectacular spots - Lamu.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, Lamu is very unique both in it's location and it's energy. We will spend the next 4 nights continuing our transformational journey on the beach, on the gorgeous rooftop space of Dhow House, on sundowner dhow trips in the Lamu archipelago, beach dinners and much more, to give you the complete Kenyan experience of luxury and rejuvenation.

7 Day soul discovery & Safari for $4,979 

"*Airfare, one time conservation fee $70, tips and extras not included." 

Safari further into your soul. 

7 days will change the rest of your life... 

"this space that we have created has forever changed my DNA. I never knew what it felt like to feel safe and have a sacred space until we started chipping away all these layers of ourselves." - photographer/creative, New York

March 4, 2018 - arrive in Nairobi, stay at a local hotel

March 5, 2018 - depart Nairobi after an early breakfast by safari land-cruiser, arrive at El Karama Eco Lodge, Laikipia, for lunch

March 6, 2018 - El Karama Eco Lodge, Laikipia

March 7, 2018 - El Karama Eco Lodge, Laikipia

March 8-11, 2018 - Lamu

March 11, 2018 - return flight to Nairobi; guests fly out that night or spend more time in Nairobi at leisure

(for bookings and info on extra activities in Nairobi feel free to contact us)