About a year and a half ago, I was listening to a podcast, Your Love Accomplice with Christina Weber, half paying attention, when I heard the podcast host say: “It was a transformational experience. I felt light, and clear, and expansive.” That is exactly how I want to feel, and I most definitely was not. Instead, I was feeling burdened, exhausted, and closed in. So, I listened to the rest of the interview, and heard Ssanyu Birigwa talk about bone healing, and energy, and how she combines the wisdom of her African  ancestors and family  with other healing techniques.

She teaches narrative medicine at Columbia, and she talked a bit about that. So, I emailed the podcast host, and asked how to get in touch with Ssanyu. Ssanyu and I arranged a telephone call in which she gently and skillfully got a picture of the state of my spiritual health. We then met in person for several hours. Ssanyu read me a poem, and asked me to reflect and write in response to a prompt. We talked about how I felt, and how I wanted to feel and the journey began.

We have had three in person sessions, and a monthly virtual visit. She has taught me how to open myself up to the boundless energy of the Universe, how to live in love rather than fear. I am not sure how she does what she does, but it is truly incredible. During in-person sessions, with breathing and her touch, I can literally feel the energies moving around inside my body, clearing, and lightening me.

She has taught me several meditation and energy techniques that not only bring about amazing physical sensations, but also leave me with the light, clear, expansive feeling I am seeking. She “goes in” and untangles the spiritual knots and blockages. Even over Facetime, I can feel myself lifting, vertebras in my spine and neck releasing, the tightness in my throat easing. I look forward to reaching out to Ssanyu every month and asking for some of her precious time and magical healing.

-Kirk Adams, PhD, Washington, DC

My husband has seen first hand my leaving the room to start a session with Ssanyu low in energy, low in confidence, wobbly and sluggish - after the call I have entered back into the room sliding in on my socks playing the air guitar. I - mean - WOW! To which he asked “where can I get some of that”!?

She will ask you to be honest with yourself, open to a new reality, and to put in some hard work as you really look into the mirror of self worth and self growth.

The tools shared have simply been invaluable. I have already shared Ssanyu’s details with my inner circle for them to get some of the magic. But be warned, you will be able to take on the world, so get ready.

-Nieve T, Design & Art Director, London, England

Mentoring Program Ssanyu has a calm confidence that inspires and reassures anyone who is in her presence. Working with Ssanyu has been much more than a wonderfully healing process; she is truly a light-worker, and aeam of pure radiant sun. She gently but genuinely guides you through recognizing and releasing stale habits that are holding you in mental darkness. She has challenged and empowered me to become my own healer who will be able to always reconnect with my source and follow my own inner light.

Bone & Reiki Healing Ssanyu's healing work is indescribable and likely unbelievable for anyone who isn't privy to working with someone of her true talent before. I have worked with other reiki experts and healers but Ssanyu's true powers are passed down through lifetimes of her shamanic ancestry. I have been working with her during the largest and quickest transitions of my life thus far and her healing has helped the process to be something that I can lean into verses run away from like I have done in the past. 

Distance Healing I cannot believe the powerful impact Ssanyu's distance healing has physically, mentally and energetically. Over Skype I have felt her gentle hands removing and clearing my throat from within, which has restored the flow of my throat Chakra. There have also been times that I have been meditating and felt her presence and healing flowing over me when I wasn't even aware she was working on me from afar that day. Her thoughts and prayers are so full of love that they are powerful from any distance. 

-Emily W, Entrepreneur, Brand Consultant, New York, New York

Meeting Ssanyu has been a blessing on so many levels.  Not only is she a kind and generous soul, she is a gifted and empathetic healer.   

Over the course of the last year, Ssanyu has helped me peel down to my core and has helped me rebuild on a stronger foundation and life. With her guidance, my self-doubt, anxiety with change and fear of the unknown has been contained.  She helped me to harness that negative energy into productive strength.  The clarity of the intention I built through her guidance has been overwhelming.  I walk every day thankful I can call her my friend and teacher.  I look forward to knowing her for the rest of my life. 

Having the benefit of Ssanyu has been a game changer for me.  She has provided me with the tools to de-clutter my mind, quiet the inner critic and develop hyper-clarity on my intention.   This skill is a muscle she has helped to build through a series of deeply powerful interactions.  The beauty of Ssanyu’s technique and style is that she can sense, unearth and displace the negative thinking and energy with optimistically, positive flow.  All of the clichés of getting ‘unstuck’ and ‘creating intention’ become real with Ssanyu. She has been blessed with a gift she is willing to share to enable everyone to reach his or her highest and fullest potential.  

-Ann K, Executive Vice President & Chief Information and Risk Officer, Los Angeles, California

Ssanyu's power for healing starts the second you make contact with her - through whatever it maybe, text message, email, phone call -

The minute I got off the phone I felt her support - her Reiki healing is deep, bone deep, very intuitive and connected.

The heat that flows from her hands is magnetic and comfortingly warm and it leaves deep imprints of healing energy ....as she moved away to other areas of my body I could still feel the healing imprint of where she just was...really magical and bewildering.

I remember thinking that I feel the heat from her hands on my heart but I hear her at my feet....how is this possible?

I had a total of 3 amazing Reiki sessions with Ssanyu - The first was at her healing room, the second was by phone and the 3rd was at my home.

Her Reiki healing is so ancient and so strong that even by phone I could feel her heating up my body from a far.

By the 3rd Reiki session with Ssanyu I was more aligned, blockages in my chakra's were a lot less and I felt lighter, clearer, stronger and supported.

She really is a true healer and has a rare gift that is so hard to describe, it is magical, ancient, deep, strong and, of the earth.

-Priya P, Architect, New York, New York

I truly believe that I was always supposed to meet Ssanyu. She has been a confidant and a mentor to me. A wise person once told me that a mentor shows you who you truly are, I can attest that Ssanyu has done just that and more. She has not only helped heal past trauma, she has also helped me grow as a person today and for the future. She listens intently and is remarkably in tune. The alignment of my sessions with Ssanyu and what is going on in my life are quite incredible, and are more than just a coincidence. I am very thankful the divine universe brought Ssanyu into my life, she inspires me to continue down the path I am traveling. 

- Caitlin D, Recruiter / Yoga Teacher, New York, New York