“The soul is subject to health and disease, just as is the body. The health and disease of both… undoubtedly depend upon beliefs and customs, which are peculiar to mankind.” - Maimonides

My mother was my first guide. Like many children, I had a parent who ensured that I attend Sunday school regularly, which nourished my emerging connection to the Divine. As I got older, I explored various sacred teachings, finding myself drawn to these texts in an effort to address my anxiety and depression. I began to tap into an embodied practice of self actualization through affirmation.

In my late twenties, my mother bestowed upon me an attunement to Reiki, where I realized I had a gift―a gift of healing hands. This was a vital point in my life when I began to open up into the Divine journey of a mystic and Bone Healer. I consider my Ugandan ancestral medicine of Bone Healing and the practice of Reiki Shamanism to be gifts. These gifts are meant to be shared, and I continue to work towards supporting and preserving indigenous wisdoms and traditions, and aligning my Earth mission of bridging the worlds of consciousness and ancient wisdoms.

Influenced by spiritual rituals and practices from both of my parents' cultures here in the U.S. and Uganda and enhanced by continual studies with esteemed healers around the world, I am full of gratitude that I have the privilege to share my love and joy for living in the moment, and understanding that our narratives are our medicine. 

Narrative Medicine honors the central role of story in healthcare; allowing us to engage in stillness, and to employ wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Within this philosophy, my goal is to continue creating a bridge to understanding the role of spirituality in healthcare, and identifying tools that the individual and community can harness in creating healthier communities.

Listening to another person is an act of profound humanity; it is an act of profound humility. This is particularly true at moments of transition or of suffering, such as illness or trauma.  I am a survivor of trauma, as many of us are. And in my journey towards understanding the narratives that have been lodged in my consciousness and body I learned how valuable sharing our stories are to our ability to self-heal.

Through the practice of Bone healing, Reiki Shamanism, Narrative Medicine and Mindfulness Meditation I share the tools to break free from fear and anxiety, with a strong belief that we are all self-healers. 

With a passion to connect, empower and support others in healing through personal stories by expanding consciousness in their everyday lives, I have created the Pause3TM method, a new ethnology that joins spirituality and narrative medicine. The Pause3TM method bridges science, clinical and scholarly research in narrative medicine―particularly in areas of stress and burnout, palliative care, and spirituality―in an accessible way, so as to learn the art of letting go. In sharing these tools of self-healing, I believe this is the ultimate practice of self-love. 

Join me on a journey of empowerment and experience the art of letting go, letting love, and living free.


Kwagala, Love.


To book a private Bone & Reiki healing session, Reiki 1 & Reiki 11 Attunement, One-month intensive Mindset, Inspire and Meditation course, or to sign up for the Mindset & Inspire 5-Week or Three-Month Mentor Program, please reach out to me in the contact form below. 

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Pause3™ Testimonials 

My husband has seen first hand my leaving the room to start a session with Ssanyu low in energy, low in confidence, wobbly and sluggish - after the call I have entered back into the room sliding in on my socks playing the air guitar. I - mean - WOW! To which he asked “where can I get some of that”!?
She will ask you to be honest with yourself, open to a new reality, and to put in some hard work as you really look into the mirror of self worth and self growth.
The tools shared have simply been invaluable. I have already shared Ssanyu’s details with my inner circle for them to get some of the magic. But be warned, you will be able to take on the world, so get ready.

-Nieve T, Design & Art Director, London, England